Our Friends

This page is dedicated to all the ‘chu pang gao yao’ who have supported us through the opening of the stall until it has finally been setup.  Credits are in no specific order but just as how I remember them…….


Joanna:  Looking so gorgeous stunning in one of our necklaces! She who faithfully lugged our goods back from Thailand. He He He


Jacko a.k.a Jackass the Joker: Never ending encouragement.  Believes we can make it BIG someday!!


Anton the Goldfish: Our unofficial photographer and appointed advertiser.  Never ending criticism, advice on our stall deco, our blog, our catalogue pictures etc. Also check out his blog at Tai’s blog. (This picture has been changed for the 3rd time.  First two times, it made him look ‘ugly’.  Wonder why now the face is not clearly shown on the pic!!! Men..tsk tsk they can be more vain than women)


Max Ah Tan:  The smoker who likes to pose at the lobby while smoking.  But nevertheless a great fren who has supported us by buying our boxes and a necklace (wonder whatever reason for …)


Daniel Chee ‘Dai Beng’: I just thought this picture is heee-la-rious not to be shared.  Well credit is given to Daniel for sitting down the ENTIRE time (can’t tell how many hours to be precise) in the stall one Sunday afternoon as his way of supporting us!! he he he.  To see the real handsome (**cough cough**) Daniel, please see the first ever post in ‘Updates’.


These two lovely chics are our previous partners who have decided to pull out and lead a ‘tai tai’ lifestyle. Ha ha ha!  Thanks Laura and Juliet for the effort put in to establish our little stall.  Well, business is growing now…..and all ur contributions would not be forgotten.


3 Responses to “Our Friends”

  1. Wah lau… Can’t you choose a better looking picture of me ah?

    LSY:  Is this better???

  2. Me too, what a handsome pic, no others meh. insert a pic of me with a straight face la.. i look good tht way.

    LSY: Full front view with a cheeky lil smile. Is dat cute enough for you?

  3. I’m shy mah…

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