Merry Christmas Everyone

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I know , I know. I promised you peeps that I’ll get the pictures of our new stuff up very soon.   But as you all know, we’re all already in the Christmasy Lazee mood, hence the delay.   Well curiousity hasn’t killed the cat yet, so I’m sure it’s worth waiting a wee bit longer right?  ………


10.20 pm 23/12/06 – It’s finally uploaded on Photobucket.  Is there anything to your liking? This time round, we even have matching earrings or bracelets to complement the necklaces.


Christmas Sale

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Due to my super duper busy work schedule, I have not been able to get the pictures of our new products up on our Photobucket site.  But I promise it’ll be REAL soon. (That is also once Kwangus has the time to help me sort out all the photos!).  However, I have managed to take a snap of our products displayed at our stall during last week’s Christmas Sale when we were not so busy.  If you wanna get a Christmas pressie and don’t have any ideas yet, drop by our stall to look at our best buys.  There a 20% off on almost everything and some necklaces are even on CLEARANCE!!The list of items on sale:

Boxes – RM29 RM25 for one

Necklaces – 20% discount

Pendants & Bracelets – 10% discount

Earrings……RM10 for any 5 pairs (not including those individually priced), could anyone ask for more

New stuff good stuff..

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It’s been a while since I last updated the site.  Fret no more!  We’ve just got our new stocks today and should be up in Photobucket pretty soon (just waiting for find a professional photographer).  We’re having a Christmas Sale at our stall this coming Sunday (17 and 24th December) to clear out all old stock and brace ourselves for the new year!!!  Do drop by and feast your eyes on our to-die-for necklaces.

What happens during the monsoon season?

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Before I begin, just take note that the photo above has nothing to do with the post below.  I was trying to be creative and find a better way to display the bracelets at the stall.  Due to the plentiful choices of bracelets to spoil our customers with, I realized that just ‘dumping’ everything on the table makes you more giddy with confusion rather than excitement.  So what da ya think?  A work of art an amateur? Ha ha ha

OK back to the topic.  What happens when you’re new to this flea market business, NOT prepared during the monsoon season and located under a BIG TREE?  I came by at 1pm to take over the stall from Laura and her faithful Mr Heong.  It had started to drizzle and not to allow history to repeat itself (the last week, the guys were soaked), Laura and Adrain rushed off to get more plastic covers.  Thunder roaring…..I thought getting a quick bite at Macca’s wouldn’t hurt.  Boy was I wrong!  The next thing i know, the wind started to howl and without warning it started to rain cats and dogs and our stuff, you guessed it.  Thanks to our quick minded neighbours, they managed to save most of our stuff in time…

It was truly a sight looking at amateurs, drenched in rain, braving the ‘thunderstorm’ and trying to save our stall from further damage.  What took us like probably half and hour took our surrounding neighbours something like what? Ten minutes…(there was absolutely no time to take a picture of this amazing sight.  It all happened too quickly)

 Now fully equipped with our clips, cloth, plastic sheet, hopefully, next week, we’ll have our props up in no time to fight the rain….

There’s something about bracelets….

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Glass Pendants

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Fresh from the oven.  These glass pendants are an absolute ‘must-buy’.  Only for RM25.90 (small) or RM29.90 (big), we’ll throw in a free chain as well.  (psstt…heard they’re retailing in Mid Valley at RM39.90 and KLCC around RM89.90).

Our stall today on November 5, 2006

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Business started off slow this morning but picked up during lunch hour till about 3pm before it started to rain cats and dogs.  All I can say is it has been a good day for us although they Management shifted us under the tree to accomodate the lucky draw Mercs (not one but TWO)!!!!  Some of our new additions have been snapped up by the regulars.  Check out the new stuff at ‘Our Products’